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Are you Angostura’s Ideal Global Brand Ambassador?

Angostura® is on the lookout for our next Global Brand Ambassador. The ideal candidate will be an experienced, full-time bartender who is technically skilled and fluent in English.

Our Ambassador will possess confidence, extensive knowledge, and a deep appreciation for the role of Angostura® bitters in cocktails. They will also be passionate about the Angostura® portfolio of rums.

The candidate should have a positive and engaging personality, excellent presentation skills, and an established online presence and network. They will be eager to learn, effective at sharing knowledge and insights, and skilled at gathering feedback and building relationships.

Our scoring system rewards bartenders who demonstrate determination, charm, and a comprehensive understanding of Angostura® products, including its bitters, rums, and amaro, as well as a broad knowledge of the wider categories of bitters, rum, amaro, and the world of cocktails and bartending.

This opportunity isn’t just for industry superstars—far from it.

Entering is a valuable experience for all bartenders. Even if you don’t make it to the national or global finals, you will gain extensive knowledge about Angostura’s portfolio , and develop skills that are essential for an ambassador.

Our aim is to inspire new and creative uses of the House of Angostura® portfolio of products by talented bartenders worldwide, as they create a collection of inventive modern classics.

Every working, legal-age bartender is welcome to enter. However, this competition is not intended for established industry celebrities or casual or part-time bartenders.

All about the Queens Park Swizzle

A classic worth celebrating for the next 200 years. This cocktail originated in the roaring 1920s when The Queen’s Park Hotel in Trinidad & Tobago, one of the most famous hotels in the Caribbean, was in its heyday. The Queen’s Park Swizzle (QPS) quickly became a favourite among the hotel’s glamorous patrons.

Years later at the iconic Dirty Jim’s Swizzle Club, a hotspot for both patrons and locals, the original recipe called for rum, lime juice, sugar and mint to be combined, then “swizzled” with a swizzle stick – a long stick from the Swizzle Stick Tree, Quararibea Turbinata, native to the Caribbean.

The drink became so popular that it was eventually served at bars and restaurants around the world. Today, we are reviving the QPS to its former glory, turning it into a much- loved cocktail which can be found on the menus of numerous bars and restaurants in T&T and beyond.

Let’s Swizzle!

  • As we celebrate our bicentenary year in 2024, we want you to be inspired by the past 200 years and look forward to the future…
  • Create your twist on this classic cocktail from the swizzle category brining it right up to date and fit for a celebration.
  • It’s your opportunity to look forward and design a classic  of the future

Who Can Enter?

  • The competition is open to Bartenders who qualify under the Competition Rules and via online submissions.
  • Previous winners of an Angostura® Global Cocktail Challenge Final may not enter the competition again.
  • A bartender who has previously won a national/regional leg of the competition may enter the competition 1 more time.
  • Entrants must hold a valid passport without any travel restrictions. Having a valid international passport but needing to obtain a visa to travel internationally (example: Russia, South Africa) is not a disqualifier.
  • The entrant must supply his/her name on at least one social media channel (Facebook name, Twitter@, Instagram@).
  • The entrant must be able to converse in English, with an above-average vocabulary and spelling. The entrant’s written or spoken English does not have to be perfect, just clear and understandable.

Entrants must:

  • Accept Terms & Conditions.
  • Sign up online by completing the entry form.
  • Submit the following
    • Cocktail Name, Recipe & Method
    • Menu Description (50 words max)
    • Supporting paragraph (250 words max)
    • 1 x cocktail image

Remember: An entrant’s written or spoken English does not have to be perfect, just clear and understandable!

* See Competition Rules & Guidelines

Special Notes:

  • All competitors must agree to be interviewed and participate in photos, videos and/or audio-tapes for media, PR and Judging purposes.
  • Cocktail recipes entered into the AGCC Global Final become the property of Angostura Limited.

Entry form

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You must upload a 3-minute video of yourself making a new, creative Amaro Cocktail using Amado di ANGOSTURA® as stipulated in the Competition Rules*.

Applicants from South Africa can use any Rum/Amaro in their video, as Angostura® Rums and Amaro is not available in this market.

If selected, you will be given samples of Angostura® Rum and Amaro to practice with, before your National Finals. You will be required to sue Angostura® Rum, and Amaro at your National finals.

See below for tasting notes- AMARO: